Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today as part of our schooling I thought it would be fun to include with Hannah's lessons in grammar and multiplication our collection of the classic, Schoolhouse Rock. We have the DVD's and I had her listen to some fun songs that reflect what she's been learning.

Little did I know that as we watched I would have to keep explaining what items were in the videos, or what they were referring to.  Examples: phone with a cord, a typewriter, payphone, jukebox, flashbulbs on cameras and records. These things just aren't a part of her everyday life.

The imagery and references in these were now SO DATED it was amazing to contrast with what makes up life today in our children's world.  It took me on a trip down memory lane when Schoolhouse Rock played on TV in between kid shows.  This would have been a TV where we kids were the remote, because my parents hadn't yet bought the big TV with the remote that made the clicking noise to change your channel.  Remember those, any of you?

It also got me thinking about items that make up part of our children's everyday life like cellphones, laptops, Ipods, Ipads, digital cameras and the list goes on that were the stuff of comic books and futuristic films when I was their age.  Amazing!!!  It added a whole other perspective to our school lessons today.

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