Friday, April 6, 2012


As I determine which project to move on to next I have to admit I know how these messes got here in the first place, ugh this is not the way you want to spend a day!! As I clean out one mess I seem to create several more piles I now need to sort through to determine to keep the items or not.  It's as though stuff just breeds on it's own and before you know it a small group of random items has grown into a major pile of stuff!!!  And even once sorted and you've determined to keep it, now the challenge is where to put it so you can actually find it when you need it?

Container cupboard in disarray
Cleaned and straightened so I can find and retrieve items

Admittedly it is embarrassing to show my "before" pictures, because I realize what a mess this really is and how long I've been living with it and watching it grow with absolutely no desire to make the time needed to straighten things out. After starting small with a much needed cleaning of my container cupboard. It was on to what used be our laundry room.

Old chair, file cabinet cupboards and dog food container in the trash container
Shelf and junk piles along with laundry baskets that have built up over time.

Upper cupboards that need organizing.

We moved the laundry to the opposite end of the patio addition when we built that out, so it enabled us to easily connect to a grey water system we'd assembled. The old laundry room we eventually plan to turn into a small storage area and additional half bathroom.  In the meantime it's served as a storage area for the dog food container, laundry basket area and sadly a general catch all space that has grown in size and stuff over time.

So to work, and with a couple new shelving units and a few storage containers. The space for now is an extra pantry area, a neater laundry basket area and will function better until we can recreate the space into the purposes we'd eventually like to use them for.

Upper cabinet cleaned and organized.
New shelf unit and tall cupboard straightened.
New shelf and items organized,  minus all the extra clutter.                      

Sheets and towels in closet straightened .

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