Monday, April 2, 2012

Princess Hannah's Birthday Update

Okay here are promised pictures of the day's celebration. Hannah wanted us to bake a lemon cake, so she put on her apron and hat and we got to work.

Then as she and Lauren spent the day playing, I got busy preparing for the party. It was just family, but fun.  Since Hannah is my flower lover who has to pick me flowers whenever she's outside a floral centerpiece seemed the most appropriate decoration

Kevin and Cameron went out to work a bit more on the roofing project.

Amber and Eddie arrived and after dinner it was cake and presents. Then finished the night watching the movie Puss in Boots Hannah got on DVD as one of her presents.  According to Hannah, "this was a great birthday!! " 

Lauren just as happy with Hannah's movie gift
Dad showing Hannah how to steer her remote control car


  1. Such joyous faces on the girls! Hannah rocks the chef-wear, too! Happy Birthday, Hannah!


  2. Thanks Guerrina, they both really enjoyed themselves. It makes it fun to have made the effort when the results are so welcomed by the receipients!!