Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week Three of Spring Cleaning

Another week down in the Spring Cleaning Challenge.  This time it was the master bathroom's tall linen/storage closet.  It was a time to clear out electronics like an old ultrasonic contact lense cleaner that I definately haven't needed in years. Both Kevin and I had Lasik treatments done 5 years ago!! Old electric toothbrushes that have been collecting dust, and a lot of outdated lotions and other products that got shoved to the back of the cupboard and aren't good anymore.


I used plastic storage boxes to organize and better store First Aid items and made easily identifiable and accessible kits.  In general just getting things properly sorted for a more efficient space.


Oh, and a quick garden update.  With the warmer weather a lot more has been sprouting and growing. We've had to drape bird netting over everything because the birds kept uprooting  my small seedlings. Our first few squash are growing as these plants seemed to be the quickest to get established and we'll be picking these in a week or so. The girls are really excited to see the changes, especially where their sunflower seeds have now grown into almost foot high plants. What a thrill it will be for them when they finally flower!!

Garden photo with all the bird netting
Yellow Squash, Corn and Yellow Nasturtium

Loads of these this year so our garden is really reinforced with fencing!!!

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