Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Visitors.  This consists of two categories wanted and unwanted.  Yesterday we were able to visit Amber and Eddie at the home we helped them move to from their apartment about a month ago. These are temporary lodgings for them as they've been blessed with 6 months of no rent for house sitting in return. We can safely say we fell into the category of wanted and invited guests!!

Fixing us a delicious meal
My Girls

Today after watching a squirrel behaving strangely from the barn window I walked back in the pool area right near where the girls had been playing this past weekend and found this unwanted visitor.

Our first of the season and since rattlesnakes are territorial we made sure to let it know this was our territory.
Kevin quickly took care of it with one head shot and Cameron added another tail to his collection.


  1. Rattle snakes are deadly...Iv heard that snakes usually don't attack people unless instigated, but with 2 little girls around killing the snake was the best option

    1. You're right they prefer not to strike, but as I said in the piece they are territorial so even if you move them they will return to what they consider their area and just coming on them unexpectedly can spark a deadly bite. Not a chance we're willing to take with the kids. There is a beautiful king snake in the same area we're happy to have not deadly to people, but great rodent control!!

  2. Replies
    1. Couldn't agree more Anne, am thankful I paid attention to the warning given by the squirrel that was up on it's hind legs and wagging it's tail back and forth. It signalled something was wrong and led to the snake.

  3. Way to go! I never knew rattlers were territorial and that just makes them a bit more scarey. Grateful for the Lord's proteciton of the girls. Envy Cameron's rattletail collection. I had one given to me when I was about 7-8 y/o and it has always fascinated me and has a place of honor amidst my shell collection.


    1. Now that's an interesting combo shell with a rattlesnake's tail : ) We need to get some granulated sulfer to run around the fence line and keep them out. It's been so wet this year I hadn't laid any down yet. Clearly need to get on it!!