Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let the Challenge Begin

Anticipating that the first day of our challenge would be on a Sunday and we enjoy our "day of rest", I began on the first room on our march to organization.  Lauren's was the first marked for organization.

Her closet has two doors and while her clothes and toys were in disarray on the right, the left side held homeschool items, Cameron's jackets and bedding that still remains from Amber's time at home and were screaming out to clear the clutter.

Then Lauren's wardrobe definately needed to have some organization.

Her toy shelf also needed some TLC.  - So the day began.

I cleaned, organized, threw away and marked my pile for donations.  By the end of a long day I had this to go. The silver bag was donation. The stuff in the middle is garbage, and the boxes on the right for the recycle bin.

Finally, here are the results.  We'll see how long it stays this neat!!  At least a lot was removed and we have a good start.
Closet cleaned and organized
Toy Shelf

In the meantime, Kevin and Cameron got busy on a project we've been planning for awhile now.  When we first began to organize for Lauren's adoption we had what we called "our great room shift".  This included building out and finishing what once had been a patio area behind the house and creating a room for Cameron and TV game area for the kids.  Once Cameron was moved, Hannah took over his old room, Hannah's room became Kevin's office and Amber's former room is now Lauren's.  So while we got the inside done in preparation, the outside had a cement board siding put up and sealed, and the roof has repeatedly been sealed to prevent leaking.  What once worked fine as a patio, needs some help for a finished space.  So the guys began the work of building a better roof to help insulate and cover the space.  Then we will finish the walls with stucco. Kevin has taken the week off to get this done.  Here's some shots of their start to this project.

Stay tuned, there's more to come!!!


  1. You did a great job with the cleaning.

    1. Thanks Paps,
      That's one room down and several more to go : )

  2. AWESOME Job! What a great family effort and I love the pics because it really gives you a sense of the project and how much you accomplished! Glad to have you along for this one!! Whoo hoo!

    1. Thanks Christie, glad to be part of this. Hoping for some positive results in our organization.