Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Projects and a Visit


Had a short visit with my parents, nephew and brother yesterday. Baba and Grandpa came down this direction to pick up my nephew for his stay with them during Spring break.  They stopped by our house to bring the girl's their birthday gifts, then after lunch at Chili's we headed off to Lowes for more building supplies and they went to an award ceremony where RJ (my nephew) received an award from a State Senator for an essay contest.  It was a brief, but nice get together.

Then again as the guys worked to make more progress on the roof, I finished Hannah's room as the second in our effort to seriously get organized this month.

Since I  bought alot of organizer's when we redid the room's in preparation for Lauren, it was a bit easier to clean out her room.  Just a matter of reorganizing and thinning out the number of toys.

Going through drawers and closet to remove clothes that no longer fit. I did some of this before Christmas, so there wasn't as much to really remove. 

Another productive day - YAY

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