Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week in Review

This  week has flown by!! Sorry for lack of posts. So I'll do a quick review.

Amber popped over Tuesday morning for a quick visit before she had to go to work. It's always nice to see her and her sisters are always happy to have her around. It's just never long enough for them.

We made a whirlwind trip up and back to pick up Cameron from his working retreat at Baba and Grandpa's.  Don't know who was happier to have him back Hannah or Bea. Both had been really missing him.

Work on garden and projects continues and little by little we are seeing results from our efforts.

Today Cameron and Kevin are in the San Diego area to tour the facility called Talapia Momma's.
They will get an introductory course and tour on raising Talapia. The next post will have pictures of their tour.

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