Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Taxing " Work

Kevin being silly and signing "I Love You".

Okay I can hear the groans at the silly pun used for this title, but hey I tried  : ).   Amber and Eddie came by for dinner last night and a delayed celebration of Eddie's birthday, that was this last weekend. After dinner and my Trifle Cake it was time to work.

 Kevin got busy doing their taxes. First time filing jointly - oh the joys!
Now for today:

Kevin and Cameron's finished work on the fence and gates to the chicken area, allowed us to take down a portion of the chicken pen/coop and let them wander in a larger yard area.

Even though the fence is a good height they could still potentially make it to a branch and then get over the fence. So to help keep them safely in their space, Cameron and I clipped their wings.

We did some research online for the best way to do this and watched several "how to" videos on       
U TUBE. ( Just love this resource.)  Got our plans, equipment and nerves all together and headed out for the task.

Hannah served as a photographer to document our efforts and Lauren was our cheering squad. After chasing down some not to cooperative victims - uh chickens - the procedure began. Turns out it really was as easy as they made it look on the videos. Go figure!! The hardest part was catching some very freaked out chickens and roosters!!!

After all was done and settled with the birds, we went through the garage to feed and visit with the cats.

Baby Princess and little Cam - wow what changes!!
Cameron of course had to love on Princess, who's been a favorite since she was tiny.


  1. Glad to see the process went so well for you!! Our girls are pretty tame and come when called, so hopefully we'll be able to go through everyone quickly!

    1. Thnaks for stopping by - it did go well and ours aren't as tame, at least not all, as yours so catching them was a real workout.
      Leave the first two feathers and only cut the mid section one's and it does just fine.