Monday, March 12, 2012

Amber & Eddie: First Wedding Anniversary

It was one year ago today that we celebrated our oldest daughter's marriage to her husband (our son-in-law) Eddie. Wow, it was such a whirlwind leading up to the wedding, as we had just returned from China only two months prior with Lauren.  This past year also has just flown by with many changes and blessings for our family.

Several years ago we made some videos, one for each of the children done to various Steven Curtis Chapman songs, for Amber the song was Cinderella. The video contained pictures of Amber's life from our time in Russia until the time of making the video. Kevin & Amber danced to the song Cinderella at the wedding reception as the Father-Daughter dance with Kevin handing off Amber to dance with Eddie during the last chorus of the song. Being that the song now has new significance in our lives and we have photos of the wedding and Kevin and Eddie's dances with Amber it is fitting that we update the video and share it now.

HAPPY 1st Anniversary Amber and Eddie!!!!


  1. Happy first anniversary to your daughter and that was a such a lovely video.

    1. Thanks so much. We are really happy for the both of them, and the happines they've found with each other.