Thursday, March 22, 2012

Resident "Chicken Whisperer & Snake Charmer"

One of Cameron's many talents is his ability to handle a variety of animals, he always seems to be the one to get any dog, cat, bird, snake, or insect to be at ease around him - he is a regular "Dr. Dolittle".

Yesterday he taught the girls (Hannah & Lauren) how he can feed the chickens from his hand, he has them now trained that they will be standing at the side door to the barn waiting for food once they hear someone inside.

The hen's waiting near the door,
Lynda took this looking through the glass.

Cameron showing how it's done.
Letting the girls have a try.

The "Chicken Whisperer" at work!

Jail Birds! 

That's Cam's name for the two roosters who have been placed in the "cooler" a small pen with a small coop that keeps them from chasing the hens.  You can see from the pictures that some of the hens are missing quite a few feathers from their backs - thanks to these two.  We have them separated as the girls are not ready yet to see them on our plate!  : ) 

The hens must be loving their freedom in their pen, as we are getting 4 to 5 eggs a day and yesterday were blessed with 7!!!


With the warmer weather we have been having the snakes have been coming out, we have already seen a racer, gopher snake, and several California King snakes.  Today, Cameron caught a baby King snake and put it on a bamboo stick to show all of us, even though he was small he was feisty and wanted nothing to do with us.  Cameron released him in the orchard area, as King snakes help keep the rattlers away.

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