Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Natural Cleaner

In an effort to not use harsh chemical cleaners, still have effective cleaning and to be frugal in the process I have been researching different sources and keep coming across the benefits of white vinegar.
The problem for me - the smell!!   I have a strong sense of smell. My family might say too sensitive!!
So how do I get the benefits of this cleaner without the negative side effects of my house smelling like vinegar?

Ta da!!!  Infuse it with orange peel.  I've made flavored vinegars for cooking in the past, so why didn't I just think of this before?   I have no idea, and in truth it wasn't until I saw an article that it even ocurred to me to try this out.

To get started you need distilled white vinegar, the peel from one or two oranges, a jar with lid and time to let it sit.  The article stated it should sit at least two days. From my experience, I did a sniff test after two days and that wasn't long enough.  So mine sat for a week.  For future use I'd let it go for two weeks.

Then using a strainer I drained off the orange peels and poured the contents into a spray bottle.  You can then dilute the cleaner in a two to one ratio. Of water to vinegar.  And you're set.  I used the scented vinegar straight before adding the water to clean my messy stove. Then added the water to the spray bottle and moved on to other surfaces.

Results - well I was pretty satisfied. I had chicken broth that had spilled on my stove yesterday, and I cooked bacon that spattered grease so it was all set for my test. Here are the before and after shots. 

 Not too bad. With a bit of elbow grease even the last of the cooked on spots should come off.  And the cost is just pennies considering I have the vinegar around as I use it in the dishwasher as a rinse agent.    Or if a drain is clogged I pour baking soda and vinegar down to clear it, so now that I can stand the smell I have a useful, healthier and cheap cleaner. Yay, it's a win, win situation for me. : )


  1. Awesome tip! I am definitely going to do this. I already use homemade laundry detergent and vinegar for my fabric softener. I have even used the vinegar to clean some areas of the bathroom so I am definitely going to be putting some orange peel with it next time!!

    1. Glad you liked it. I am really glad to have come across this tip, and so is my nose : )

  2. Great tip! Will try for my window cleaner. Already use homemade diswasher, laundry and liquid hand soap! Thanks!