Monday, March 26, 2012


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It's been raining again with a bit more forecasted.  I love this!!! The cooler temperatures, rain with reasonable amounts that have come down, an inch or more per storm has been great. Then we've had a few days to dry out before the next storm has come through.

In dry Southern California this is a real blessing. We've had our rain barrels fill up and then transferred the water to our larger storage tanks in between storms. Currently we have a 200 gallon tank and 500 gallon tank to store the rainwater.  We want to significantly increase this as we are on a well so in the hot dry seasons we use a lot of water.  This not only uses the water in our household 2000 gallon tank, but it takes a lot of electricity to keep the flow going.

500 gallon tank
200 gallon tank

So this year after watching the Back to Eden video  I have been adding a lot of compost and mulch around the trees and plants throughout our property to offset the amount of water we will have to use when we get our hot summer weather. It's all an effort to conserve resources, finances and still have the best results for our properties plantlife as possible.

Took a quick walk around this morning breathing in the crisp air and loving the glistening rain drops on garden, trees and plants.
Mushroom from all the moisture
Raindrops on a plum branch

Nasturtium in garden

Then there was this:

God's promise in the midst of provision.  Have a blessed day.