Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's official she's a "snaggletooth".  Hannah's had two teeth coming in behind her bottom teeth for months now. Our dentist assured us not to worry, she might need braces but it would be fine. He said to just let them come out on their own. So we waited and waited.  Two months ago one finally let go and came out and the already waiting new tooth quickly filled the gap.  Then the second bottom one began to come loose and has been hanging by a "thread"  - yuch - for all this time.  Hannah would have nothing to do with our helping the tooth out.  In the meantime a gap began to appear up top as her teeth shifted to prepare for new ones.   FINALLY, yesterday morning the "thread" let go and the bottom tooth fell out.  Then at dinner a panicked Hannah yelled, "Oh no my good tooth fell out".  Her top front tooth dropped into her plate. We assured her it was fine it was only a baby tooth and needed to come out.  You can already see the permanent one wanting to appear.  For now though, she's sporting that "snaggletooth look".   Call me biased, but I think she wears it well  : )