Sunday, February 26, 2012


It was such a beautiful day today that we spent some time relaxing outside and letting the girls practice riding on their bikes.  As we watched them struggle with balance, sometimes getting it right and other times needing a little assistance it was interesting to think about how we all struggle with "balance".

As a child we learn balance as we learn to walk, then ride a bike; as an adult we have to learn to balance much more.  We need to balance our budget, balance our work and family time, balance our diet, and of course learn to balance our own needs with the needs of our family. Once the girls learn how to balance and ride a bike they will never forget and even though they may go for a time between rides they will never have to go through the complete learning stages again. Sometimes we get it right and things run smoothly and we are at peace, other times we struggle and may fear or be anxious, but hopefully through each struggle we learn and never forget the lessons life gives us so that we can be in balance and enjoy peace in our lives.


  1. Amen!!! What a lovely analogy. :) And precious pictures, to boot!

  2. Thanks Anne. Looking at the pictures I'm amazed at the changes in both of them in just the past few months. They were both quite proud of their achievements and progress on their bikes.

  3. Hello Lynda - I dropped by after you left me such a lovely comment on my blog and what a pleasant surprise I got. You are amazing and your family is adorable.
    I loved your post about balance and in fact, your entire blog. I shall be back. Just going to post about you on my Facebook wall so others come by and read about you.
    Lovely to 'meet you'
    PS We are both big Francophiles and I have spent half my life there on and off- where did you live in France?

    1. Carol,
      What a great surprise! Thanks for stopping by. I was born near Nancy at Toul. Then lived again in Saint Gobain closer to Lyons. Dad was in the Air Force when Americans were still in France. Left there for England when I was still in grade school. Last visit was to the Mont Pellier area in the late 70's (now doesn't that date me : ) ). Really want to travel with the family for a visit. Looking forward to your future visits, stop by anytime!

  4. Very well said!


    1. Thanks Guerrina.
      And Ciao right back at you!! : )