Friday, March 16, 2012

Lauren's 7th Birthday

Okay as promised yesterday, the highlights of Lauren's 7th birthday celebration will be shown here.
We began the day with school.  Had the girls do some extra pages over the past week in preparation for the day so we could cut down on the amount that needed to be done, and have more time for "fun" activities.

After school Cameron showed the girls some games on his IPad, then Hannah set up her computer for a Peter Rabbit movie time event.

After lunch we pulled out the magic marker coloring set that allows the hidden backgrounds and once invisible colors and patterns to come through on the pages.  Lauren is always amazed and thrilled with what pops out!!

Next it was time to make the crowns to be used for the party.  Bought some sparkly foam crowns and some stick on jewels for them to add their creative touches to.

After Amber and Eddie arrived we first gave them their anniversary basket. Made a copy of the video we posted here on the blog, to add to their basket.

Then after dinner of roast - MEAT!!  Lauren opened presents and had her birthday cake. Andes Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake - YUMMM.   I think she has a new favorite cake.

  It was a nice day and she seemed quite pleased as she headed off to bed.

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