Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tilapia Class

Yesterday Cameron and I (Kevin) drove down to San Diego to attend an introductory class on raising tilapia in an aquaponics system.  The class was given by "Tilapia Mama" and was to be an hour and 1/2, however with all the questions and a tour of the hydroponics area she has in her front yard we were there for over 3-hours!

Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures and by the time the class finished it was too dark to see and get pictures of the tilapia tanks. I did not want to disrupt the class which was attended by almost 20 people by taking pictures.

It was a very interesting class and Tilapia Mama gave us so much information and provided us with some good resource information that we will be starting our tilapia system within the next couple of month.  We first have to build the main tank and then get some fingerlings to start raising.

Cameron gathered up some duck weed for us which Lynda placed in some containers in the greenhouse, this will be used for food for the tilapia as well as for the chickens!

We also got to taste some of the edible flowers, garlic chives, and lettuce and even bring some plants home with us.  As we move on with this project we will keep updating.

Tilapia Mama's house in San Diego where the class was located.
Various plants on floating foam beds.  This is a type of system that we started to build and did not finish yet.  I am glad we waited as we will safe some funds by not having to purchase extra water and air pumps as we were just taught how to operate the system without using those items!

Tilapia Mama's 4-barrel system.

Tilapia fingerlings.


  1. This is truly fascinating. I look forward to following this project. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Absolutely. Think your boys would find this an interesting school project. Stay tuned for our continuing updates and learn from our mistakes and the successes we're hoping for.