Sunday, March 18, 2012

Venturing Out

Yesterday Amber and I attended a women's luncheon hosted by a group of local women associated with a longtime ministry, but one I confess I hadn't heard of until this meeting. It's a women's outreach called Stonecroft Ministries.  I learned of the luncheon from a piece in the local section of the paper. 

The outlet mall in the area provided a cute little gift bag with fun items and gave a short presentation on how to find further savings when outlet shopping and a short fashion show of day to evening dress ideas.

Then a former news anchor Kevin and I used to watch regularly when we lived in the San Diego area spoke. Carol Lebeau was a wonderfully entertaining and gifted speaker who made the event quite special. It was a nice meal and a chance to meet new people. Well worth venturing out into the very windy, wet weather we have been experiencing.
Today we've been hunkering down inside with a nice fire and for the most part watching the cold, wet weather from inside the warmth of the house.  Then when we had a bit of a break in the storm we headed outside to assess the amount of damage done by the much needed rain, but not so desired high winds accompanying them here in So Cal.  Yesterday, several panels were blown off of the greenhouse and the temporary cover we had put over the chicken area was blown off with the metal poles badly bent.  So I was pleasantly surprised as I walked around today to see things pretty well intact.

Wish I could incorporate smell in these posts, as the star jasmine and lavender are incredibly fragrant!! Lots of pretty colors as more begins to bloom in the yard.

I will have to get busy to clean up many quite overgrown plants and debris that has blown off the trees and are making my yard vignettes look a bit messy. All work to be done on a  dryer and warmer day.


  1. Hope the whether stays good. It is really really hot over here.

    1. I'm enjoying the rain, we could use it. I confess the cold is a challenge for we thin blooded Californians!
      Hopefully it's not too hot for strolls in that beautiful local park you posted about. Thanks for stopping by : )