Thursday, March 15, 2012

Put Another Candle on Your Birthday Cake

Okay I'm dating myself as I write this. In the late 60's when my family first came to California there was a kids show my younger brother particularly liked called Sheriff Johns lunch brigade. For birthday time he would read kids names then the song played, "put another candle on your birthday cake you're another year old today"! 

Today we celebrate another milestone for Lauren. She's 7 today!!.  Since the official celebration won't take place until this evening when Amber and Eddie will join us for dinner and cake I'll post this notice for now and will add celebration photos in tomorrows post.

So what does the birthday girl want for her birthday dinner? What else would a full on carnivore want?  MEAT!!! Lauren is a major meat eater, think she's making up for lost opportunity in the past. When our social worker did our final 1 year home study she asked what her favorite food was. I just said meat. Doesn't matter what kind, she loves it. She will even pass up sweets for meat. So to be sure her vegetables are eaten and that we don't have to wait all night for her to finish those, the rule is she eats those first before she's allowed her meat. Amazing how fast they disappear since this rule was implemented.

Then of course we have to have cake, singing and presents!! All are on the list.  So for now we'll post our plans, with details - like pictures to come : )



  1. Happy Birthday Lauren!! Hope you get lots of meat :) and lots of awesome presents!!

    1. Thanks Chad and Becky,
      She did!!! Think she enjoyed her day.

  2. Too funny about the meat & veggies! I require that of myself...sad :)