Friday, March 8, 2013


We have been painting like maniacs trying to get the house ready for official move in on Saturday.
So we needed to get some main wall space done so we can move furniture out of the way and begin to fill cabinets and unpack boxes.  I've already finished our first 5 gallon bucket of the white paint and we picked up our second one.  The girls were very excited when they picked their wall colors today.  Hannah of course chose her signature purple - this color is actually a vibrant lilac, and Lauren went for a very sunny yellow.

Lowes delivered the appliances we ordered last weekend, so we now have a refrigerator, washer and dryer.  Quite pleased to have these in.  We've also ordered a new hot water heater.  The one that's there now is functioning, but quite old and looks like it's on it's last leg so we don't really want to risk a leakage. 

We went today to look at sheds as we'll need more storage with the loss of our large barn that's still in California - sadly couldn't pack and bring that!!  We wound up ordering a 12x20 one from a place called Superior Sheds.  They manufacture them at this location so we chose where we wanted the door, windows, colors etc..  Kevin will go at the beginning of this week to the county office to pull the permits and once we get this we'll give the go ahead to build then deliver it.

Have our new Florida drivers licenses as well as the one for the truck.  Have to admit I felt a bit of a twinge when the guy who helped me snipped the corner of my old California license before recieving my new Florida one.  It felt like a little loss of identity since California's been home for SOOO long.
For Cameron he actually groaned and when the guy helping him looked up he said "you have no idea how long it took me to get my picture on that little piece of plastic", the man just laughed and said "well you will get your replacement".  And we did, it's just that since we're not truly settled yet it is that feeling of not quite being home.  I know it will come in time, as Hannah said "it's cool we have this chance to start over".  Agreed.

Cameron taking off the old California license

And Kevin's putting on our new Florida one

So we continue and once the house starts to look more like a house than a storage facility it will "feel" like home.


  1. I guess today was the day of your official move. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Paps, we are now officially in and really making progress on painting and organizing, as well as unpacking.