Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting Settled

We've begun the process of settling in with a lot of activity.  The first two of our pods arrived early yesterday morning.  Kevin went to the house to await their arrival and we joined him shortly after they were dropped off. 

Grandma came over to pick up the girls and keep them while we worked.  After they had lunch at her home they went to the garage to jump rope.  It was chilly and windy today so being inside was preferable.  They got "Poppi" to join in.  Grandpa was known by some of the other grandchildren (all now grown up)  as Pop Pop, but when he introduced himself to Lauren as this she wasn't sure about the title.  So initially it was Grandpa and later she began to call him Poppi.  That seems to have stuck.  They played there for awhile before Grandma took them to the park until the wind drove them out and to our house where they played while we continued to work.

We got the first pod completely unloaded, then set to work painting, removing the last of the ugly wallpaper and spackling.

Dinner was provided by Grandma at her house, then Kevin and I headed out for a "date night" (smile) at Lowes.  It's one of our favorite spots to hang out : )  We purchased our appliances - new washer, dryer and refirgerator that will be delivered Friday after the pods are removed.  Also purchased a new toilet to replace the malfunctioning, old one in the kids bathroom, a new faucet for the kitchen sink, plus some painting supplies.  It was a productive trip out.

Will be continuing to do a lot more of the same today and getting the second pod unloaded.  The first will be picked up on Monday and the 3rd delivered.  So we are setting furniture either in the garage or in the middle of rooms so we can complete our painting before placing things into position .  Have slept very well these past few nights with all the exercise from these projects. 

So we're off to another busy day.



  1. Well updated myself with the earlier posts. Well finally you are in your new home. Cant wait to see the improvements you are planning to do. I am sure you will be posting them along the way

    1. Absolutely will be showing the changes as we tackle one project after another. The house has a good basic design, but the decorating, colors, cabinets and counters are desperately in need of updating. So will be doing a lot of before and afters as we make this in OUR home to live in and enjoy.

  2. So glad to hear that you guys have made it to Florida and are settling in. Have fun making this new house your new home!

    1. Thanks Becky and Chad,
      We are really glad to be here and will be jumping right into our new project to make this really feel like home.
      Once settle we'll have to talk Disneyworld with you all?
      Take care.