Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quick Update

Life has become a blur of cleaning, painting and unpacking broken up here and there by a contractors visit or run to the store for more supplies.  We are seeing progress and that's great.  Kevin had to recharge the water softener as it had run out of salt and the water was orange from all the hard minerals in it.  He's working to clear it out of the lines before our new appliances arrive on Friday and
we move in officially.

The 1st pod left on Monday and the 3rd replaced it so lots of unpacking has been happening.  We will get these unpacked and set around the house so that the pods can be picked up on Thursday. Most things traveled really well.  Only a few dings on a small number of pieces - not bad for all that was in them and how far they've travelled.

1st pod leaving

3rd taking it's place

I've been painting like a maniac trying to get specific walls done so we can strategically place appliances and furniture that need to get into their places.  The very center walls are quite tall and am so thankful my brother in law had this great ladder we could use to be able to reach!!  The entire house is painted in this baby blue that was clearly sprayed on over 20 years ago when the previous owners built.  Aside from the hideous wallpaper no other color or paint was ever added, so these walls suck up paint like mad and required multiple coats to really keep even this light blue from showing back through.  We're just going with white walls right now to create a bare canvas and live with it for a bit until we decide what colors and flooring we really want.  The living room is basically done and the TV armoire and the large book unit are in place.  Cable service and internet were installed yesterday so those are up and running.

Making progress

Grandma has been a HUGE help, picking up the girls and taking them to the park.  It breaks up the monotony for them since they basically just have to entertain themselves and stay clear so we can get things done.  They've done so much running around that they have put themselves to bed early each night and with as tired as we've been that's a welcome opportunity to do the same.

Today Pat is coming over early to watch the girls since Kevin, Cameron and I all have appointments at the DMV to get our Florida liscenses and re-register our vehicles.

We made arrangements yesterday with Rick from the fence company to put up a fence out back for the dog area.  He's lived in this area all his life and was rich with the history of it.  He's off to pull permits and will start in a week or so when all is approved and his current jobs completed.

So we're off to another busy and productive day.  Have a good one yourselves.



  1. We got our house painted about 2 years back or that was not fun. we have brick walls in Sri Lanka so the scraping before painting it really not fun at all

    1. Ewww, scraping bricks yuck - okay you win I don't feel bad at all about just doing multiple coats!!! : )