Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Order from Disorder

We continue to make progress with our unpacking and setting up our household here in Florida. This month has been a blur of cleaning, painting, unpacking and trying to find places to put what we've unpacked. We finally see more carpet as the boxes disappear in the living room.

See fewer boxes and more carpet visible : )

As we worked Saturday the skies opened up and poured.  We got a good amount of rain and late in the afternoon the power suddenly went out.  It was fine during the day as we could see.  I had to search through our stuff to locate some candles since when calling the power company we learned a failure in a substation had occurred and we'd be without power for some time.


Getting candles ready for night.

Cameron reading his I Pad in the glow of the candle light

As evening moved in Lauren headed off to bed and a little later Hannah got her PJ's on and her glow stick ready to act as a night light.  The candles added a nice atmosphere as Kevin had his music collection playing through his I Pad.  It made for a pleasant evening.

Monday Hannah's furniture arrived at the store so we headed over to pick it up along with book shelves from Target.  Kevin and Cameron worked to get her furniture together and her little kitchen unit.  We began to fill the drawers, shelves and the armoire as the girls played.

Hannah's new bed frame

Cameron putting together the kitchen

Furniture is rather crowded as we initially get things set up

New dresser in between armoire and kitchen

Girls playing, Hannah's mirrored closet doors are installed

The room is coming together though it's still crowded since both of the girls are together in Hannah's room.  Lauren's mattress is in there until we can make arrangements for Cameron to have his room.  Our plans have been delayed for his "shed room" to come together as things have been slow in the counties planning and permits departments.  We live in an area that's considered an  "enterprise overlay" area.  That means specific design features are needed for the look of property additions to line up with the areas "historical" features.  Though truthfully there is such a mish mash of styles in this area it seems like city planning after the fact.  Our plans were finally approved today so tomorrow we will head over to the shed manufacturer and complete our order.  In the meantime Cameron is camping out in Lauren's room, while the girls share Hannahs room.  Everything will be decorated and in order in time, but for now we continue to create some order out of the incredible disorder that's been our norm since arriving. 

Cameron's "bed" for now

Lauren's closet beginning to take form

We are getting to a place where we can find things a little easier and that's been a huge help towards getting order back to our schedules.  The girls are back to a schooling routine and with the time off for travel we aren't taking a Spring break.  Our sleep patterns are finally becoming normal as they've been off, particularly for Kevin and I with all the months of preparations, travel and then trying to get settled.  To REALLY be able to sleep again has been wonderful!!

So we keep on keeping on and and making progress at creating order from disorder.  With all our outings to get supplies we are really starting to learn our way around this city.  I am very thankful for the GPS though, as it's made things far easier. That's it for now.  More updates and changes coming soon!!



  1. Thank so much for stopping by and leaving sweet comments. Planning a wedding is such a huge undertaking, as you must well know! Florida looks so nice! I've been there several times and have always liked it! Hope the rest of your unpacking doesn't take too long!

    1. Thanks Janet,
      I feel for you as you plan your daughters wedding. It is a special time and event, but there are SO many details to think about and take care of it can be overwhelming. With your sense of style and flair it will no doubt be beautiful.
      We are still getting settled, as the post shows : ) and haven't had a lot of time so far for checking out our area other than locating stores for the supplies we need. So we still have a lot of exploring to do!!
      Thanks for your nice wishes I hope unpacking doesn't take too long either. There's so much else to do.