Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dinner Out

Tonight we decided to take Gandma and Poppi out to dinner and to get to try the restaurant that Kevin and Cameron went to when they were here last August.  The name of this place is The Swamp House Grill.  It's not fancy or glamourous, but the food is delicious.

Kevin having fun with a stuffed gator head
Some of the decor : )

Marina behind restaurant

Of course we had to start our meal with gator tail appetizers.  We tried the Sweet and Spicy and the  Citrus Marinated Nuggets.  Both were delicious and the only hint of what type of meat it was is the fact it's a bit chewy.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  The girls had to get past their first tentative bites because of what they were eating until the flavor won each over and both gave their approval.

Hmm, not too sure about these

Wow these are great!!
Ready to eat

It was a very enjoyable evening out and a nice chance to slow down and enjoy a great meal.

Inlet behind the restaurant

Tomorrow the first of our pods will be picked up and the 3rd one delivered.  We're pressing on with our painting so we can actually start to get some initial pieces of furniture in place.



  1. Tanner laughed out loud at the pic of Kevin in the gator mouth! Chad

    1. Chad, Kevin reposted that particular picture for a coworker who had shown a video clip spoof of Joe Dirts attempts at gator wresting that ended in his being grabbed by the gator, and his build up to this was that this was Kevin's new career move. So he had to send him that shot and let him know he was well into his "new career". : ) Glad Tanner enjoyed it - that's my Kevin!!