Saturday, March 23, 2013

Park Fun

Grandma came by this morning to take the girls and Cameron to serve as photographer over to their favorite park where the Sheriffs  Department hosted an Easter egg event for the neighborhood kids.
The pictures speak for themselves as they had a lot of fun.

The mad dash is on

After the eggs a magician was performing and Cameron was picked with some help from Grandma and Hannah who pointed him out to participate, after initially being seated on buckets along with three other men their buckets were all pulled out and they "magically" held each other in place.

They all had a great time and came back with a bucket full of eggs and treats each.

We've continued to get the house together as Kevin put up Lauren's closet organizer, he and Cameron have most of his office furniture up and in place and our first picture went up on the wall.

Kevin's office area

I've started painting a vanity that was my grandmothers.  The old finish was a dark mahogany stain and to get it shiny white to match the furniture we've ordered for Hannah's room is taking a bit of work.

Laurens room is now painted in a sunny yellow and we've ordered a new bed frame for her and are looking for other items to complete her room.

Kevin also painted some of the space we've managed to open up in our very overloaded garage and is setting up some shelves to help me organize our items that we don't have space for or cupboards inside, but need to be able to find.

Garage stuffed full

Side wall cleared and painted and storage starting to go up

I'll post this, then it's back to work.  - Lynda

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