Saturday, March 16, 2013

Laurens Birthday and More Progress

The day started with a fog hanging over the lake area.  The fence contractor arrived first and quickly got to work putting up the "dogs" fence. Our crew loves it and made a quick adjustment to their area.

Fencing materials arrive

In process

All done

Bea's happy

Bear taking a roll in the grass and sun

The man from the water softener company arrived next and let Kevin know that this wasn't simply a water softener, but was designed when working properly, to remove the rust from our water.  From their records it hadn't been serviced for more than a year before we bought the place and in addition to the salt having been completely depleted a seal cage was broken and an injector needed replacing. Once fixed he loaded and recharged the system and said that we should see a very noticeable difference in the water by the end of the weekend.  The man was very friendly and helpful, but wow what a talker!!!   I walked out several times to try to "rescue" Kevin and even when the new water heater arrived the guy never stopped jabbering away so Kevin could attend to that and Cameron had to help me get the garage open and clear the path for it's delivery.

With all this done we now turned our focus to Lauren's birthday celebration. We met Grandma and Poppi over at the Cracker Barrel restaurant and had a great dinner despite the fact that our waitress didn't seem to have the job skills worked out quite yet.  Don't know if she was new, but it didn't seem to really flow for her.  Still, we all ate eventually, and it was delicious.

Girls playing game as we wait

Grandma and Poppi

Afterwards Grandma graciously let us serve a cake we'd bought at her house so we could all actually sit together at a table since ours is still being put together.  After cake Lauren opened her gifts, we visited awhile and then it was time to head home at the end of another busy and productive day.

Cake and Happy Birthday Song

Time for presents, Hannah read the cards to her

Lego from Baba and Grandpa a definate hit

New swimsuit from Grandma and Poppi to use this swim season also a kickboard to go with it

Hannah's Gift to Lauren.  Both girls love "find it" books

Lauren said she "had a good day".


  1. Happy Belated birthday to Lauren. Moving is alot of work!! I forgot how it is.

    1. Thanks Paps,
      It is a lot of work especially when despite all the stuff we got rid of we don't yet have the storage or cabinet space we're used to and there's so much disorder as we try to get projects done and find places to put stuff as we unpack. We'll get there it's just a much longer process than I would sometimes like : )