Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Experiences

We slept in yesterday morning and wow was it great!!  Kevin and I made good use of the jacuzzi the night before at his brother's house and were able to work the kinks out our muscles after all the driving and cramped positions of the last few days.

Once up we lounged around a bit then made some calls to schedule our pod deliveries and some appointments with contractors for bids on a few projects we'd like to have done rather than tackle ourselves it was time to get started cleaning and painting.
Then Grandma came over to meet us at the new house and to take the girls for the day.  She took them to a citrus farm called Pells to purchase some oranges and grapefruits, then a park to play and later back to her house for lunch and jump roping.  They had a great day and expended a lot of energy and put themselves to bed early because they were both tired, LOVE IT!!!

Hannah loves to slide

Lauren took a bit of coaxing, but enjoyed it once she got past this initial fear

The girls burning all that youthful energy : ) - smart Grandma

In the meantime as the girls were busy with Grandma, Kevin, Cameron and I began cleaning the house, went to the store to buy painting supplies and paint, a new toaster and microwave, all of which had to stay in California as we ran out of room in our truck.  Kevin used his brother Patrick's power washer to clean off the dirt and junk that has built up on the outside of the house as it sat empty all this time, and Cameron and I began painting over the baby blue interior wall color with a neutral off white for now.  We are prepping and painting the areas we need to put appliances first so we can get those items purchased and delivered as soon as possible.

Kitchen - ugly wallpaper is gone, but painting and updating is needed

Other view other kitchen from window side

"Dining Room" view past entry and living room - we will  use this as Kevin's office

Living room towards back sun porch

Living room from opposite angle

During the day we heard this incredible noise out back and we couldn't tell what in the world was making it.  At first it seemed to be coming from the trees near us and we thought it was wild turkeys in the area.  Just a little while later though we saw 6 whooping cranes in the tall grass and even got to see them doing their dancing hop as they moved around.  I only managed a couple of decent shots from a distance as they are very skittish with people present and the tall, thick grass got in the way of clear shots.

Two of the cranes

The back part of our property toward the lake and island on our land

At the end of the day Kevin went over to Grandmas to pick up the girls and we stopped by a local Chinese food restaurant to pick up some dinner.  The people there were really friendly and loved seeing the girls here with us.  The man gave them a can of longan berry fruit in syrup and the woman gave them a hug goodbye as we were leaving.

The first two pods will be delivered today and the unpacking will begin. 


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