Monday, March 11, 2013

Disaster Zone

As we've made progress in painting and fixing things we've begun the process of unpacking and trying to make some order out of all the boxes.  Though we ARE making progress, the process is frustratingly slow as there's no place to put most items right now until we can get more furniture in place and that can't really happen until more painting is complete, soooooooo the result is DISASTER ZONE!!!  At least that's what it looks and feels like.  Our stuff is everywhere and trying to find anything is often an effort in frustration as you search through boxes and piles trying to remember where you thought you saw it.

In addition without fencing outside all the animals are couped up inside with us needing us to take them out to do their business and not being free to go in and out of the dog door they were used to in our old home as they needed to or just felt like doing. The result is they are frustrated too and tend to get under foot as we're trying to get things done and this means we have to use boxes and objects to block them out of areas we are trying to paint.

It feels like we are camping inside our home with all the clutter and disorder.  Though it's quite embarrassing to have such a mess I feel you won't be able to appreciate the progress I know we'll be making if I don't really share our current status.  So here is our current state of disorder generally referred to as the title of this post states "the disaster zone" :

Our living room

The girls "dinner table".

Empty boxes blocking access to the paint in the kitchen

Hannah watching tv in one of a handful of spots to actually sit

The office

Our bedroom - such as it is : (

The back screen patio

Kev and Cam being silly "drowning in the mess"!!!

I can truly say I REALLY look forward to the time when I can show you the after pictures that I know will eventually come in place of the mess we currently live with.  Until then we keep plugging away with all the necessary steps we need to complete to get us there.

Take care and keep stopping by to help us mark our progress.


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