Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunroom Tree

As I said in my last post the decorating has begun.  Hannah and Kevin put the tree up in the sunroom and Kevin got the candle lights on it for me.

Sunroom tree with just lights - before

I've begun the decorating in this room and have some of the items up as well as the tree now decorated. What I am struggling with is how to take photos that show the results without washing them out or blurring the results with the amber glow of the flash.  I am not a photographer and have had mixed results with my point and click camera.  Thank goodness for digital that lets you take lots of practice shots without the expensive disappointments of the old fashioned cameras I grew up with.

So here are a few shots of some of the progress I've made.

Angel and fruit decorations
Heart I made, bead garland and other ornaments

Bead "snowflake"
My color mix in ornaments and garland for this tree

Sunroom tree decorated - after
With lights on and a few other decorations in the room
Miscellaneous ornaments

So there you have it.  Sunroom is on it's way and lots more still to go!  Just have to keep working on this picture thing : )




  1. I love it! Very elegant and, by the way, I like to do my tree on my own...guess that makes me mean, too :) I also gave my son a tree in his room to decorate as he pleased...relieved some of the guilt!

    1. I've allowed help this year with the main tree (I'll post pictures tomorrow), and seriously had to exercise patience and redo some ornament placement for balance, but they got to help with the that one. Truth be told I did most and let Cameron help with the more delicate ones to illiminate breakage.