Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adding Another Year

It's that time of year again, when I add another digit to my accumulation of them.  Seems they just roll around faster each time!!  My kids ask, " so do you feel older"?  Not really, until I look in the mirror and wonder who in the world is staring back at me.

So how to celebrate this day when there's so much to get done and everyone wants me to relax and enjoy my day.  Okay - get up early, as is my habit.  Spend some quiet time in prayer and the word.
Coffee, don't care if I have to fix this myself or not : )  Then take advantage of the offers to have Cameron guide the girls through schooling. Now with this added time off I ...

Visit Pinterest sites and find all kinds of great craft, decorating and recipe ideas.


Finally, getting around to a book I've had on my shelf for awhile.  There is More, by Randy Clark.
It's a shorter one and I've managed to get half way through already as I enjoy my day of leisure.

Blog Hop:

This is a way to pass time in a fun way and enjoy being lazy. I did get ambitious when I came across a tutorial on adding a signature to your posts.  After getting quite frustrated with trying to create one and do the HTML thing I finally just created  a signature on IPiccy and then pasted it as a picture on my blog.  We'll see how that works at the bottom this post.  Will have to try the other routes on a day I have more patience.

Finally, celebrate:

Amber and Eddie are coming over tonight to have dinner with us.  Something simple here at home that Kevin is putting together so I don't have to cook.  Cameron's birthday is Saturday and we had already decided to go out to dinner then, so I suggested we just combine the events in one night out instead of two.  They all still insisted we needed to do something tonight - so okay anything's fine with me if I don't need to cook it.  That's reason enough to celebrate.

Have a great day and I'll enjoy mine too.

Okay, needs some work.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!! And sounds like a very nice day and some of my favorites too...pinterest and reading!!

    1. Thanks, it was a nice day. I loved my down time : )

  2. Happy Birthday! I know what you mean! Looking out of my eyes, I'm still much younger. Looking into my eyes (in the mirror with the rest of me)? Not quite the same :) Great first job on the signature, too!

    1. PS: When looking out of my eyes, I'm still pretty flying through the air fit, too!

    2. Thanks - I can remember "flying through the air" as well in that jujitsu class with our seriously crazy instructor! That was along time ago, don't know if I'd bounce as well on landing!