Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I am an anti black friday non participant.  I HATE crowds so there is NO DEAL out there worth the hassel for me.  I did take advantage of some of the online sales thus labeled for this famous shopping day.  And will have these delivered to me, so yay, no crowds and still got some deals.  Love that!!

Yesterday was really nice.  Amber, Eddie and Eddies's sister Erika joined us for our Thanksgiving meal.  Went well, I'm happy to say.  All the effort in food prep was worth it. 

After our meal we had a great time visiting and then began our tradition of putting up the outside Christmas lights.  Of course this is after the obligatory nap or time of relaxing to deal with the full stomach and turkey lathargy.

Nap time for Bea and Kevin

Tech time with Ipads and phones for the younger set

Amber has to do the obligatory styling of Hannah's hair.  Always turns out so great - sadly this is not a skill mom's that good at : (

Then the "girls" all gathered much to Hannah and Lauren's delight to play Barbies in Hannah's room.

The guys got busy putting the lights up.

Then it was a game of Apples to Apples and some dessert.

Finally after viewing the light display it was time to call it a day and end a great Thanksgiving.

                                                           Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving  - Lynda        


  1. I never went out on BF until a couple of years ago when a friend said bed pillows were on sale somewhere (but she didn't tell me it was BF). So off I happily went (me still ignorant) and she got her pillows. Seemed no different than any other shopping day!

    This year I ventured out on Friday with the same friend for 1/2 day and my cousin for the other 1/2. They had stuff to get; I was pretty much along for the ride (and get the best gas mileage) and only needed to visit a couple of craft stores.

    On my own, there'd have to be something I really wanted that was extraordinarily priced into my budget range and not available online to go out there on Black Friday. Observed way too many people in a "frenzy"!

    1. Depending on the store it can be anywhere from semi normal to absolutely insane!