Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let the Decorating Begin!

It's that time of year!!!  I do enjoy Christmas, and it's the one time of year when I will take the time to really decorate for a season.  So while the outside lights went up on Thanksgiving day, the indoor decorations are now beginning to come out.  My house is LOADED with plastic storage boxes from the garage and the basics are beginning to find their places.

Kevin and Hannah began in the front sunroom after we'd put up garlands and a few other items, they got the tree together.

It used to be Kevin's job to get the trees up and lights on then I took over decorating.  With big kids now we get to distribute those duties.  Cameron and Hannah put together the main tree.  And yes I use artificial ones.  No pine smell, but also no real pine incendiary dangers either.  Once the tree was in place, Kevin set to work putting the lights on.

Main tree assembly

Kevin sorting lights for placement

Hannah and Cameron did the small lights then Kevin placed the candle lights on

There we go, ready to decorate

With the basics there, it's now my turn.  I'll have some help from the kids on some things, but otherwise I enjoy going solo to let the creativity flow, and truth be told it's easier to do it myself  : )
I know that's mean, but true.  So as a consolation, each child has their own tree in their rooms and they get to decorate them as they like.

This year I'll have to rethink some aspects of what I'll put where, as we've sold or given away many pieces of furniture I'd used in the past to place items on.  I'll also use this time to go through our Christmas decorations and see what we can clear out to lighten our load when it comes time to move.

So for me now, as the title says "let the decorating begin"!!!!!


  1. Just starting myself! Putting my artificial tree in a big flower pot this year (cause it's pretty scrawny) so working on stabilizing it. As I began, I ended up being so frustrated with my craft/tool/computer room that I ended up in there organizing and redistributing items to better places...sigh.

    The tree is still in sections on the living room floor and the cat is in full stalk mode with the tree in pieces! That was last night...wonder what tonight will bring!

    Oh, and did I mention that I'm over my nostalgia/Victorian/whatever tree and want a "happy" tree this year? Think it may be bright!

    1. That is too funny! We'll your frustration sounds like it wsa vented in a positive way. I can just picture the cat "tree hunting" : )