Thursday, November 8, 2012

Healthy and Not So Much

Decided with the extended warmth we've had to plant 3 varieties of heirloom beans.  They are the Anasazi, Cranberry and a large white bean called the Mortgage Lifter.  Each of the beans is supposed to be high in fiber, protein and vitamins.  Plus each beans flavor has been touted as good for working with the flavor of meals, particularly Southwest Style foods.   I've planted them in the garden and then as back up  I have some in the greenhouse too so time will tell the results.

Anasazi Beans

Mortgage Lifter
Their names are interesting, with the Cranberry getting it's name for the colorful shells.  The Anasazi is supposed to have been found in a jar from the ancient Anasazi Indian sites, think this is popular folklore and it's just a bean local to that vacinity.  The Mortgage Lifter is a plain, but large white bean that got it's title, as during the depression a farmer about to lose his place had a bumper crop of these and was able to sell them and save his farm.  True?  I don't know, but it adds to an otherwise plain bean : )    Okay, so that's the healthy part of this post.  To be continued as the beans grow.

Now for the "not so much part",  I found this little beauty at Costco a little while back and being on special just couldn't resist!!

We have been craving warm cookies and honestly I haven't felt like baking -  so this solved the situation for all.  It may not be the healthiest of foods I've served my family lately, but we have been enjoying them.  It's been amusing to watch as the smell of them cooking will cause Cameron to come out of his room, affectionatly referred to a "the Cam Cave" and following his nose drift into the kitchen with a goofy grin as he anticipates a treat.  Aw, lifes simple pleasures.

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