Sunday, November 11, 2012

Piece de Resistance

Garland at entrance to New Orleans Square

My final post on Disney Christmas decorating is the New Orleans Square area of Disney's main park. It's an area where the decorations introduce a LOT of eye candy.  Yet despite all the extra decor it isn't overdone, but just has you standing there pointing and looking at some other detail that makes a lamp post, stair rail, balcony or ally way look really special. My pictures are collections of daytime then evening shots.  The evening one's clearly show the rain and I was a bit challenged to keep my lens from getting too wet.

Nighttime shot of same

I don't do a lot displays of collections personally, but Christmas has always been a time that we as a family really like pulling out the stops to decorate our house.  So while no where near the volume and detail of Disney decor, I use these visits to find inspiration I can "borrow" and adjust to our homes decor. Enjoy-

Close ups of some decoration

Have a great day.

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