Sunday, December 2, 2012

Living Room Tree

Living Room Tree before

The living room tree and room decorations have been the latest project.  Cameron and Hannah assembled the tree then Cameron and Kevin got the lights up.  Being taller, older and less likely to
drop all the breakables Cameron has now joined me in getting  the glass and vintage ornaments up on the tree.  He also helped with the garland and LONG string of pearls. 

Once these were up the girls helped with the ornaments that were closer to their reach, as it
is a taller tree.  So once up it was time to get the mantel done.

Living Room Tree after

Changed around the decorations from ones I've featured the last couple of years and am happy with the results.  When I initially had it finished, it was too dark without lights.  I was going to buy some battery operated ones, but with extra strings of regular lights I decided to try using what I had.  I was able to run them along the mantel garland, then up behind the mirror and along the upper garland.  I have to say I'm quite pleased with myself and the results, even if I say so myself (smile).

So here are some of our results:

Mantel decorations

I've been adding to the decorations and stockings by being creative.  I'll feature the stockings for Kevin and I and how after all these years I'm decorating them from the once plain white with gold trim to what they currently are and will be.  So stay tuned.



  1. Nice to see your home has a very festive spirit! Thanks so much for your kind condolences on my blog Lynda, they are appreciated! Am so glad you took the time to leave a comment.

    1. Absolutely, only regret my first post at your lovely blog was to present condolences. My best to you and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Stunning tree! You have always had a great eye for decor! I went the opposite of my usual this year and hope to have pics up soon :)

    1. Thanks Guerrina for the compliments. Looking forward to seeing your tree pics!

  3. Wow your Chirstmas trees look really grand.