Saturday, November 10, 2012

California Adventure Decorating

As promised a follow up post from our Disney day out.  With this being Carslands first Christmas it was interesting to see the creative ways the decorators came up with to decorate for Christmas and stay with the Cars movie theme.

Garlands hanging across the road with tire wreaths and wrench ornaments

Luigi's Tire Tree, Main Street and Radiator Springs Garage/Townhall

The Cozy Cone decorated for Christmas complete with cone tree

Several "trees"- Rt 66 SIgn Tree, Mator's Tire Tree and Fillmore's Peace Sign Welded Tree
Tow Mater's Decorated Junkyard and Tow Mater coming down main street

We then walked around the back of the Carsland area past the main race ride that still has 2 hour lines, so needless to say we haven't been on this yet, and headed towards the Paradise Pier area of the park.

Hannah getting a ride from dad, the ferris wheel and Cam and Lauren on Toy Story ride

Some of the decorations around the pier area, plus a look at the very cloudy sky!

They had a Christmas bear the girls got a picture with

It was a fun day and I love that despite how early it is in the season the effort Disney goes to, to decorate.  I will post tomorrow from my favorite Christmasy decorated part of Disney's parks.  New Orleans Square. Decorations here are truly lovely, and inspire ideas for expanding my own decorating during the holiday season!




  1. Oh we were just there and had a ball! :)

    1. Really!! Isn't it a small world. Funny we might have past each other and not even known it : )