Saturday, July 7, 2012

Missing their Boy

It's funny what routines you get into in life and don't even realize what creatures of habit you are until those same routines change.  Fortunately these weren't the result of some outside circumstance thrust on us, but our choices for a temporary change.  I'd mentioned in my Travelling Kids post that Cameron had gone up to my parents to visit, help with projects and their VBS.

While he's gone the rest of us are stepping in to do what has traditionally been his "jobs".  That was expected and planned for.  What wasn't planned for was the strange emptyness that accompanies various times in the day when he might wander in to talk as he's hanging out again by the refrigerator for yet another snack.  : )  Or his entrance to share some joke, article or drawing he's made. In general, his interaction with each of us including the dogs who also miss his time and attention.  Bea our bassett hound with serious abandonment issues has been moping around terribly, she's taken to sleeping on his empty bed. 

Sad girl with those pathetic eyes and groans.

His sisters really miss having him around as he's a great big brother.  Hannah has taken to following me around like some lost puppy dog in his absense. We've been in regular contact and what has helped the girls has been to be able to see him as they talk to him on the iPad as we facetime in the evenings.

The girls talking with big bro after a swim to burn some their energy.

I'm glad for his opportunity for some time away and to visit with my folks, but I will be happy when he returns and the house seems to be back in order.  At least until the next occasion for changes in our routine!


  1. Yes it is not easy when someone close goes away.

  2. Big brothers are as important as Dads, though in different ways, to the little sisters who have them! I love being a little sister! ~ Guerrina