Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keeping Busy

Life seems to be moving along at a fast clip.  Cameron returned home from my parents much to the delight of his dog and sisters. It's good to have him back.

Have been busier with stuff inside as it's been HOT lately!!  So outside activities happen early then it's inside to keep cool unless we venture out to swim.

We've all had out turn in the dentist chair in the past month and a half.  Today was Hannah's turn.

July is flying by. Can't believe it's half over. 


  1. It is crazy that it's half over, isn't it! Kregg reminded me that, out of 25 consecutive days, I had been out of town for 23 of them. No wonder it feels like my head is spinning. I'm thankful Cameron is home. Aren't homecomings wonderful? Enjoy the rest of July!! :)

    1. Thanks Anne. You had some great experiences on your epic trips, know you all had a great time, but I'm sure it's nice to sleep in your own bed again. I love travelling, but being away makes me appreciate home too.