Friday, July 20, 2012

Day One

Today is the first day that the guys are away and my master bathroom project really moves forward.
I began some of the painting behind the sink area before Kevin left so I could get him to change out the old, ugly, builder stock light bar.  He had already taped and textured some spots on the wall that needed it. 

Sink area before

Sink area in process - base color and ragging begun.

I've managed to paint all the walls the background color which is a Satin Finish paint called Creamy Buttermilk by Glidden from the Home Depot. After I complete this with a couple of coats I will do a rag process using another satin finish paint called A Beautiful Beige, by Better Homes and Gardens I purchased a pint of this at Walmart since a little goes a long way with this technique.

Before- sink and tub areas

Before- tub and linen cabinet

Before- another sink and tub area shot

I'm hoping to finish the ragging process by tomorrow morning.  Then will start taping, lightly sanding and painting the base coat in what will be a multiple layering process for painting the laminate surface on the counter.  I've decided to try this rather than replace the counter.  Have done a lot of research about the effectiveness, the process and the how tos of this.  Think I'm ready.  If all else fails I'll just replace the counter which was the first thought for changing things out. I also plan to give the cupboards an update with paint and removing the hardware.

The girls stayed busy doing crafts and watching movies.  Needed indoor activities today as it was hot again outside.  I ventured out this afternoon to water the plants in the greenhouse and garden, and was quite happy to get back in the cool of the house.

Kevin and Cameron made it safely to their destination.  They got a chance to meet our realtor for the first time face to face.  Until now we've only dealt with her via emails or phone calls.
They walked the new property to find the markers left by the surveyors.  Then decided what they needed in the way of supplies for the work they plan to start tomorrow.   After dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's they called and we Facetimed with them before they headed to Patrick's house to get some sleep. Patick's driving in and will be arriving late tonight from Pennsylvania.

So Day One is almost done for us and it's been a productive day at that.

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  1. Wow!!! You are all getting so much done! WooHooooo! Don't you love progress? :)