Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day Three and Layers

Kevin, Cameron and Patrick had a busy day removing layers of wallpaper out in Florida as well as doing a few yard tasks and minor repairs.  They also experienced their first thunder storm of the trip that sprung up suddenly, wet everything and then disappeared.  We could use some of that here!!

Cameron removing wallpaper end strip

Kevin in front of house

Patrick removing wallpaper in kitchen

On this coast I spent the day adding layers of paint to the counter top to try and get the look of stone I was looking for.  After my initial layers didn't really give the effect I wanted I found some rose and ochre colored glaze I had left from an old project and I added a touch of this to enhance the depth of color that it needed.

1st Layer

2cd Layer

2cd Layer closeup

I used a sea sponge to apply and blend in the colors.  Then used an almost dry brush to feather in lines of the base color to give the effect I've seen in samples of real granite I went online to look at.

3rd Layer

3rd Layer closeup

4th Layer
4th Layer and 1 Coat Polyurethane

And there you have it, faux granite.

The girls spent the day in various play activities, so it allowed me to get a lot done.  Just had to show the " Hannahstyle" fashion statement this morning. : )

Girls Playing

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