Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We are officially a bicoastal family today as we close on a house we've purchased in Florida.  We've been property searching for some time in anticipation of where we would locate when Kevin retires.
We had several key things to consider in our search and this location met those.

The State needed to be retirement friendly, homeschool friendly and a temperature we thin blooded Californians could handle or adapt to.  So as we looked Kevin's brother Patrick kept telling him to look at Florida as they had bought a home there several years ago for vacationing and eventually retiring to.  Then a few months ago Kevin's mom and step father bought and moved to Florida. All in the Deltona area.  So we began researching properties and taking it as a family to prayer.  When we all made our list of what was most important to us it seemed the path to our new home just made itself clear. It's on 5 acres, but 3 of those are part of a lake so the just under 2 that are high and dry will be ready for landscaping and gardening.  I love that it has a lot of mature trees and gives a lot of much wanted privacy with a sense of seclusion though we're close enough to town for the kids to be able to participate in activities. Plus within just a few miles of family, Grandma and Grandpa are very excited about this.

The process seemed to come together rather quickly as we got serious about this particular location and today it became official as we closed on our new home.

Kevin and Cameron are heading out at the end of this week to check it out and begin the process of removing some really awful wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Patrick and his son PJ will be going there from Pennsylvania to take the last of Grandma's stuff down to her and will be able to help get a few things done around our home.  It will be a great time for them all to visit too.

Our new house

Kitchen wallpaper that needs to go!

Our move there as a family is still some time off, but the market currently made the timing of this purchase truly worthwhile.  It also gives us a destination to focus on and begin to move towards.


  1. WOW!!! That is so exciting!!! What's wrong with the wallpaper? I think it's quite lovely. Not really! :) Congratulations!