Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Six

Final full day for the guys out in Florida.  Kevin said they spent the day finishing up projects and cleaning up the house in preparation for their departure.  They leave tomorrow morning and will spend a good part of the day flying and spending a bit of time at the Atlanta airport before returning to California. 

I finished painting the doors for the tall linen cabinet.  I still need to put a good coat of polyurethane on to help protect the finish.  Will work to get the doors done for the sink cabinet tomorrow.  Once Kevin returns will get his help putting trim back up around the whole bathroom.  Getting closer to completion. He'll also put our shower door back on. He had dismantled it in order for us to really clean it.  Being on a well we have very hard water and over time the deposits had just built up to where regular cleaning wasn't working. By taking it apart we were able to really get it clean and to repaint with Rustoleum Silver Metal Paint in order to make it look like new again.

The girls have helped me spend time tending to my project by keeping themselves occupied and playing together.  Both are very excited about having Cameron and Kevin return.


  1. What a productive week you've had! I'm seriously impressed. Having lived through a large addition and whole house remodel, I know what it takes to get all these projects completed. Great job!