Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Four

The guys continued with their progress in Florida taking down trees too close to the house foundation especially for the size they are and will get to be.  They also still continue to attack that wallpaper.

 Tonight they headed out for dinner at a favorite spot for Patrick, The Swamp House Grill. he goes to when he's in the area.  He was anxious to have Kevin and Cameron try out "Gator Bites".  Kind of like chicken nuggets except with gator meat.  So what did they think? Tastes like chicken only tougher : )

Menu listing

Today was not as productive for me as I spent time cleaning, sanding and putting a base coat on the cabinet doors.  I also needed to paint the screws along with the cabinet hardware, so I set them in some packing foam we had on hand to hold them while I spray painted them. Worked like a charm!

I then cleaned up and zipped out to the hardware store for a few items and decided while out I'd stop by Costco.  Monday afternoon at Costco with two little girls in tow, what was I thinking?  It was packed, but I was there so I was determined to finish my shopping.  I had both girls hang onto the handle to keep them close so they wouldn't get run over by some of the crazy, impatient people while I led pulling the basket around the store.  Think I bought a bit more than planned just to make the trip worthwhile and ensure I don't have to return soon.

Headed to the garden for watering once home and snapped a photo of the girls holding some of the gardens most recent bounty.


  1. Hannah and Lauren are beautiful!!! What precious smiles! Your "less productive" days are still incredibly productive!! :)

    1. Thanks Anne. They're both growing up so fast it seems unreal.