Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hannahisms and Advice to Lauren

Over the years I have kept a list of what we refer to as "Hannahisms".  These are Hannahs version of what she thought she heard you say versus what was actually said.  Some are cute, others are really funny and I have a long list written down.

Just a few examples are the noisemakers she used at a friends birthday party.  She came home all excited telling dad about the "blow noisers" they used.

Overheard her telling Cameron one day when we were going to pick up In-N-Out Burger for lunch, "Yay, we're getting Inside Outside Burger".

Describing the condensation on the side of her water glass, she showed me the "consolation".

When she was little and Cameron would say something she was about to say she'd put her hands on her hips and say "hey, you stealed my talk!!".

I was reminded of all these this morning that was spurred on by a scary incident yesterday at lunch.
We've had a whole retraining program for eating with Lauren because of the way she would inhale her food.  The only thing we can figure about this behavior is maybe it wouldn't be there if she didn't finish it fast at the orphanage and the amount this kid could shove in her face at one time was unbelievable!  While in China we were shocked when she shoved an entire boiled egg in her mouth and then struggled to chew it down to a point she could swallow.  We realized then we had some work to do.

So for health and safety sake, as well as teaching her manners we have been working on cutting everything into small bite size pieces and making her put her fork down and completely chewing her food before adding another bite, all in an attempt to retrain her into slowing down and enjoying her food. 

Yesterday she and Hannah were having lunch and I was busy putting dishes up from the dishwasher. I turned back just in time to see her try to take a drink to get down the obviously oversized bite of hot dog she'd taken when my back was to her.  In the process it was clear it was stuck and she was seriously choking and couldn't get air.

I grabbed her out of her seat and before starting asked "can you breath?"  She shook her head no, so I got to work getting the food dislodged using the Heimlich manuever.  It took several good thrusts before I was able to pop out a huge chunk of hot dog that easily would have choked me.

After a few deep breaths she began to cry.  I held her and gave a hug and then lectured her stearnly that no food was worth choking like that over.

So now to another Hannahism.  This morning after showing Hannah how to perform the manuever herself,  Kevin heard her advising Lauren to eat her breakfast slowly, take small bites, but don't worry if she choked "I know the helmet movement".  I just love it.


  1. I'm sure Lauren is glad her sister has her covered! Still chuckling! - Guerrina

    1. I know and Hannah was so serious about her admonitions and assurance that she could step in and help : )