Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Space of His Own

As you know we've been working on Cameron's shed/room for some time and while it is still a work in progress it has reached a point that he was able to get settled enough to set up his new couch bed and begin moving in.  His first night in his own space was three nights ago.

Cameron putting the bedframe together

Bedframe in place, just needs mattress and covers

Despite a pretty good thunder shower in the middle of the night he slept well!! That's a good sign that all the insulation work the guys did was effective. One of the items we had been waiting for so that he could stay in there was his air conditioner.  We ordered it through one of the big box stores online services.  It arrived on Thursday by UPS, but online suggestions were to let it settle with the oils and all after shipping for 24 hours before turning the unit on for the first time. It's working well and has made it habitable in there.  It's been pretty warm lately and with all the thunder storms we've had it's been muggy, so having A/C in there was a definite must before he could stay in the room for any length of time.  This unit is a bit bulky, but with the small windows on the shed a stand alone unit was needed.  It does the job so for now that's what counts!!

Stand alone A/C Unit

Getting settled.

Kevin installed the pocket door that needed to be planed down to fit properly. He'll  be installing the mirrored bi-fold closet door today, along with the last of the window shades.  We have a closet organizer to install and to try to get more of his clothes in place so we can see what other storage needs he'll have.

Kevin testing the bathroom door after putting it up

Once Patrick has returned and is settled back here, the guys will begin to finish the bathroom. It's really nice seeing this come together.  So with Cameron now staying in his room, we were able to move Lauren's mattress into her room and out of Hannah's and Hannah can now enjoy a room to herself.  We still have work to do to finish the girls rooms off, but the fact that everyone has an area of their own has been a real achievement.  The finishing details will come in time.

Lauren happy to be in her own room

Hannah glad to have her room to herself

So another day begins getting more done here,  and continuing to follow the updates on little Teresa's condition and praying accordingly.  Again please check on their blog here: www.ourplacecalledhome.blogspot.com and join in the worldwide prayer for total healing of the new heart she's received.  Thanks for stopping by - Lynda


  1. Oh great and Cameron's place looks good.

  2. Thank you. The guys got started on the bathroom and by next week he will have a functioning space here! That will be a real benefit to him. Love to see it coming together : )