Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pooltime and Project Updates

With the warm weather we've been spending a considerable amount of time in the pool.  Both ours and on our visits to Patrick and Jennifer's.  Yesterday we made a trip over to their home to meet extended family out from Boston for a visit.  It was a chance for the girls and Cameron to meet a young cousin.  Ava and Marie are down for the week and thankfully the weather's been cooperating for a nice break from the rain during their stay.

The girls ganging up on Cameron, he still has size on them and the fact his feet touch bottom : )

Lauren, Hannah and their cousin Ava in the jacuzzi

Noodle fight!!!



Break time from all the activity for Marie and Ava

Kevin and I in our pool after working outside we needed to cool down

After spending some time visiting we headed home and Cameron and Kevin did some more work on the toolshed, we'd set the base down for the other day.  They finished this up today and also installed the baseboard in Cameron's main living area of his room.

Tool shed going up.

Final screw going in.

All done and ready for our storage needs.

Kevin installing baseboard in Cameron's room

Even though we still need to finish the caulking around the baseboard Cameron was anxious to bring in his first piece of furniture.  He's getting anxious to be in his new space.

At 1pm EST we all gathered around our kitchen table to be able to Facetime with Amber and Eddie, Kevin opened his Father's Day Card from them while they were there to watch.  He was thrilled to receive a Disney Gift Card from them.  We all talked for about an hour. Love technology that allows this kind of face to face interaction at this distance.  It's so much nicer than just phone calls, texts or emails.  Being able to see each other and all participate at once just makes it so much more pleasant!

Facetime and Kevin opening his card.  Hi Amber and Eddie!!!

After our call the girls settled down to play and the guys were out finishing up the toolshed, when I noticed some surprise visitors out on our front lawn.  A flock of wild turkeys with quite a few young ones among them were walking around the yard.  After hanging around for a bit they all followed each other in a line into the woods on the edge of our property. Love the surprise visitors we get around here.

Turkeys on our front lawn

Saw three hens with a lot of little ones, the male gobbler is there with the fuller tail.

A couple of the younger ones. Both cute and ugly at the same time : )

The whole group marching single file into the woods

At the edge of the woods and away they marched.



  1. It was nice to be able to talk to you and "see" you on Saturday! I hope dad had a nice Father's Day. Love you guys!

    1. It was really nice talking to both of you too. Dad had a nice and relaxing Father's Day, made sure he didn't work on anything!! You two take care, we love you too!!!

  2. wow I am excited to see Cameron's place. I went through your earlier posts which I had missed and I am truly awed how it is been transformed. I wish I knew someone who can do all these work. We have to call different people for every small job and yet the job is not done. Just can wait to see how the whole thing will when it is completed.

    1. Thanks Paps, It is really handy to have Kevin and Cameron able to do so many projects and Kevin's brother Patrick has been a huge help with these. He's out of town right now, but we have our supplies ready so when he returns the guys will get the bathroom finished, and the closet done along with the mirror doors for it. Finally it will be up to Cameron and I to get his space finished for living. He loves having his own area, but is close to home. As he moves into this I can get the girls in their own rooms and finally finish them too. : ) Thanks for stopping by, take care.