Monday, July 1, 2013

Reviewing Our Week

This past week was busy with work on Cameron's room.  Kevin got the closet organizer we purchased at Walmart together and in and then I helped Cameron get everything organized so we could see if other means of storage more than the closet and armoire might be needed.  Looks like he's set as far as his clothes are concerned.

Entrance to Cam's room with the privacy shade in place.

Closet organizer going in.

In addition to the organizer he now has a mirrored bifold door I need to get a picture of

Kevin and Patrick got the shower base, toilet and sink set in place and water lines hooked to underneath and need to now run them over to connect to the house.

Putting things into their place in Cameron's bathroom
Hannah wrote another letter to send to Amber in California and was thrilled to get to take the letter out to the box and put it in for the first time.  You don't really think about the excitement of something as simple as that except when it's "a first" and your child is thrilled.  I'd taken her letters out in the past and hadn't thought to have her do it.  She has been corresponding with Amber by snail mail and thinks it's great.  Both girls will be enjoying this soon as we've signed on to a postcard exchange through a Facebook group of adoptive families with kids from China.  They each have a list of 15 kids in the US, Canada and Sweden to send postcards to and will have the excitement of receiving from these as well.  Should be fun, we just need to go out and find our postcards to send.

On Friday Pat, Jen, Kevin and I went to Habitat for Humanity Restore to check out some kitchen cabinets Patrick had seen on Craigslist.  Once there they found the ones available didn't really work for their needs,  but Jennifer found an end table for her dad's use, I found a narrow hall cabinet for cleaning supplies and towels, but I was really excited to find this unit:

I've put it by the window in the living room to be used as "my office", so my stuff isn't all over the living room or in the kitchen.  This way I can still be centrally located where everyone hangs out and be able to do my computer stuff and crafts, but to be able to close it away so I don't leave a mess the way I currently do ( smile). This was a very pleasant find and deal!!  Enjoyed our day out with Pat and Jen as we had lunch with them out at Wolfy's by the Lake since Cameron had already taken care of the girls lunch needs.

On Sunday both girls were very happy about wearing one of the two new dresses they got on a family shopping trip to check out a local mall.  Both like dressing up in their dresses and with their new sandals, too they felt quite stylish.

Have spent A LOT of time joining so many others in prayer for Teresa at .  Her body sadly has rejected the donor heart and today she is due to get a Berlin heart to keep her alive until a new heart is available. I am like SO MANY others who are praying that if we could will her to live she'd been fine, such is the intensity of emotion you feel as we follow her mom, Ann's Facebook and blog updates on her condition.  God has been there through so many of the dire situations they've faced through this and for Teresa's entire life, but now we want and need to see Him do what only He can in bringing complete healing for this precious and mighty little princess. If you haven't already please check out their site and join us all in praying for Teresa to be made whole and healthy to enjoy a LONG life with the family she wanted so much to have.

Have a good week - Lynda

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