Saturday, June 8, 2013

Andrea Slows Our Progress

Tropical Storm Andrea moved through this week and though we just got the tail of it we had so much rain that it definitely limited our progress.  This storm dumped close to 7 inches over the course of two days.  Since painting was the next item on our to do list in the shed that extra moisture really didn't help the drying process, particularly because in order to run the fan we needed to use an extension cord during our painting time.  Not something we wanted to do in the middle of a huge downpour so the paint remains a bit tacky.

Pouring out front

Heavy rain coming through the screened in pool room

Our temporary pool in the front planter

The guys completed their drywall work and put a couple of coats of primer on it last weekend. We chose our colors and purchased our supplies this week.  Kevin painted the ceiling on Monday.  Tuesday we made our family trip to the Museum, then on Wednesday Kevin and I began taping off and painting the room with our chosen light grey for the walls, stopping as the sky got darker and threatened the forecasted rain.  It poured the rest of the day and night.

Facing into the shed towards the closet on left and bathroom on the right.

Toward the front door the grey paint and you can see some of the electrical outlets done.

Thursday we were able to resume work and get a second coat on, all the while being observed by a vulture that had taken up his position in one of our trees.  He just hung out watching for awhile and driving the squirrels crazy as they jumped from the limbs of the trees chattering at him.  Have to admit it was a bit unnerving having this bird hanging around, even if it was just being curious.  Again we had to stop as the rain clouds moved in, but fortunately it had held off long enough for us to finish that second coat.

Our curious audience

Interesting, but creepy bird : )

On Friday with the skies clear we were able to get a good look at our handiwork.  The only problem we found is with the fan not being on and all the moisture the paint is still tacky. So when trying to take off the first pieces of painter's tape it peeled a few spots that we will have to touch up.  We've left the rest of the tape up for now until the paint is completely dry.  Kevin used this time to complete the electrical hook up and install the light switches and electric receptacle's.  This way we were able to leave the fan plugged in and running to help the paint dry.

Early Friday morning photo towards the lake as the clouds begin to move out.

The lake level is definitely up after the rain we've had over the course of a month. Good news for a break in the "drought" conditions they've had in this State for the last few years.  I love the view out back and will later do a post on the changing views as it appears in morning, evening, storms and clear days.  It's really a nice view to look at.

He and Cameron also began setting the blocks down for our storage shed we've purchased to move the yard equipment into for storage and free room up in the garage and the items that have been sitting in the side yard since we moved because we've had no place they could be put up.

Today the guys are taking advantage of the Florida "Free Fishing" day to go fishing without having to purchase the required licenses.  We will eventually get these licenses, but with all that's been going on we haven't had an abundance of extra time for this activity.  This is a nice break for them and maybe we'll be having fresh fish for dinner?


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