Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Giving Thanks

We've had the "Pray for Teresa's Miracle" button on the side of our blog for a long time now and along with her family and MANY other's have been praying for Teresa's heart to be healed or a new one for her. 

Last night Kevin saw the Facebook message that said they were heading to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and a heart was awaiting Teresa.   We shared this with our kids who have been active in their prayers for her and we all sat down at the table to pray for Teresa, her family, the surgeons who would do this procedure and of course for the family who made the decision in their time of grief to make this incredible gift of life. 

Updates to their blog here : http://www.ourplacecalledhome.blogspot.com have stated that she has received the heart and is pink for the first time ever!!!  Healing will be a process and she and her family still need prayer to see this through. We ask that you would check their blog out and join with us in praying for the needs of this precious family and as they've stated the donor family of the "hero heart" she received!!!

Thank you - Lynda

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