Thursday, June 20, 2013

Out My Back Window

Since moving here a favorite part of this home is the view out my back windows.  When standing in the kitchen, sitting in the living room or walking out into the back sunroom there is a beautiful view of the back of our property that looks towards the island and lake. 

View of lake as storm clouds gather

This changes as the weather and various lighting conditions affect the scene.  The wildlife that inhabit this area is rich and so interesting to sit and watch.  I've said at times I feel I have my own "Jurassic Park" especially when the large cranes or herons fly over and land in the trees.  So here are a few photos taken at different times that show off my view. 

Steam rising off the lake early in the morning

Light effects as evening begins to set in

Fog in the low areas in front of our island, early morning photo
I still need to capture a pretty sunset when there's lots of colors in the sky to add to my collection. I love sitting in the wee hours of the morning when no one else is up with my cup of coffee staring at the view and birds beginning to take flight.  Very peaceful.

This has been a week spent in a lot of prayer time as we continue to lift Teresa up for complete healing with her new heart.  So many others around the world have been praying for this precious girl and her family as they deal with the hopes and fears of this incredible procedure to give her the chance for a long, healthy and happy life.  It's been a roller coaster of emotions as she's had such close calls and I can't imagine the strain on her family with the highs and lows of these last few days. It has really made me lean on the Word to guide my prayers and strengthen my faith for the promises of healing that are there for us.  Please join this family in prayer for complete healing and for the family of her "Hero Heart" that allowed this transplant to even happen.  I've provided the link to the families website on my last post and on the sidebar under Our Place Called Home.


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